Moral Choices: On Forgiveness

If a character in a game was evil, but then joins the good guys, when do you forgive them? This question may seem difficult, but it’s a question that is rarely – if ever – posed through a game’s narrative. But by stepping back and thinking more carefully about what it means to “forgive” we can see how these narratives ignore the problem and how we might better incorporate these questions into video games.

Moral Choices: Follow the Rules

When we make moral choices, we often fall back on a set of rules that are easy to remember and stick to. But it can be useful to take a closer look at those rules that we use. In this essay, I’ll look into the moral framework of deontology (i.e. “morality based on rules”), and examine how we might use deontological concepts to create richer moral choices and themes in video games.

Moral Choice Systems

Words: 5708 Approximate Reading Time: 35-45 minutes My own area of expertise lies in moral/ethical philosophy. Broadly speaking, this is the study of how people ought to behave or act, sometimes in particular situations, sometimes in terms of the habits or dispositions they cultivate, sometimes as general rules. It’s a complex topic, as most topicsContinue reading “Moral Choice Systems”