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Tears of the Kingdom: Push and Pull, Part 1

Being recently immersed in playing Tears of the Kingdom has led to some frustrations here and there. In an attempt to make those frustrations more than mere feelings, I begin a brief series of essays on a few ways in which certain systems conflict with each other. The first of these essays will focus on…

Talking to Yourself

With the rise of playing video games for an audience, we have been introduced to various kinds of commentary. Most of this is just for the entertainment of those watching. But I explore in this essay how a very specific form of self-conversation can help us process information that the game is providing to us,…

Take Note of This

Much as we tend to rely on games to provide us with everything we need, there is value is augmenting that experience. Adding something to the process outside of the game itself. In this essay I will explain ways in which notetaking – the mere addition of pen and paper – can contribute to a…

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