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The Daily Grind

Depending on what games we play, we might have encountered the concept of “grinding,” repeating a task over and over to accomplish a goal. Even though grinding is annoying, it is worthwhile to examine it more closely to ask why grinding exists, and how it might be made better for players.

Talking About Games: Difficulty and the “Git Gud” Mentality

Difficult games are easy enough to find, and there are a lot of players who like them. And yet, it’s also easy to find people who use these games and their difficulty as a test of who is a “real” player. In this essay I explore why that gatekeeping mentality is harmful for the video game community as a whole.

The Difficulty Debate

It’s easy to come up with examples of games that are difficult or tough. But when we talk about difficulty, what does it actually mean for a game to be difficult? In this essay we’ll look at different forms of difficulty in games, and analyze what makes particular challenges fair and unfair.

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