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Talking About Games: Categories

One thing we rely on when we talk about games is categories: those little boxes that tell us what genre a game belongs to. And yet, those categories are often vague or messy, and can lead to a lot of (often silly) debates. So in this essay I will propose some broad ideas about what categories are for and how we might rethink our use of them.

The Danger of Franchises

Have you ever looked at a lineup of major game releases, only to feel like there are way too many sequels, and not many new properties? In this essay I will explore why we can often end up seeing a lot of longrunning video game franchises, and why that can often cause a problem for the games themselves.

Playing The Long Game

Games have been getting bigger and taking longer to finish. It’s not uncommon to see big games boast about how many hours it will take to do everything. But is this tendency towards bigger maps and longer playtimes actually valuable?

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