Wide Open Worlds

Words: 4448 Approximate Reading Time: 30-35 minutes As games have gotten bigger and bigger over time, there has been a tendency toward making gigantic open spaces that players can explore. Primarily these kinds of games are Role-Playing Games, though the idea of having these open worlds is definitely not exclusive to the genre. This tendencyContinue reading “Wide Open Worlds”

Reflecting on the Mega Man Series

Words: 4338 Approximate Reading Time: 30-35 minutes I’ve been a longtime fan of the Mega Man games. Some of my earliest gaming memories are of playing Mega Man X and X2. And I similarly enjoy games that play off of the basic mechanics, such as Inti Creates’ Azure Striker Gunvolt. I have my quibbles hereContinue reading “Reflecting on the Mega Man Series”

Talking about Games: Interpretation

Words: 4155 Approximate Reading Time: 30-35 minutes A relatively recent phenomenon has been that people have become more interested in theorycrafting. Broadly speaking, theorycrafting is – as the name implies – building theories to help explain a source material. This practice is in no way new. It’s been going on for thousands of years. ButContinue reading “Talking about Games: Interpretation”

Moral Choice Systems

Words: 5708 Approximate Reading Time: 35-45 minutes My own area of expertise lies in moral/ethical philosophy. Broadly speaking, this is the study of how people ought to behave or act, sometimes in particular situations, sometimes in terms of the habits or dispositions they cultivate, sometimes as general rules. It’s a complex topic, as most topicsContinue reading “Moral Choice Systems”